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We hope you had a wonderful holiday period and got some well earned rest. If you’re anything like us, and we hope you are, then you’re ready and raring to get both feet off the ground. We’ll be back from 10 January for another year of silks, trapeze, flexibility and, most importantly, FUN! Can’t wait to see you there!


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Andrew Walmsley (IG @cirqueoflight) join us at Studio 2 on to take photos of our students on silks and trapeze.

Photoshoot slots will be 15 minutes long and will cost £60. Andrew will provide a proofs gallery of all your images after the shoot, from which you can choose 5 to have edited before receiving the final versions.

"But I want more than 5!" Extra photos will be £10 each to cover editing time.

Studio 2 teachers and assistants will be on hand to advise on poses and to guide you so that you get the best angles for your photos.

"This sounds amazing! When is this happening?" There are a few available dates but we want to get your preference to set a final day. Please use the button below to select from our proposed dates.

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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Hey there! We've started this news page to keep people informed and share some of the great stuff happening at the studio.

As 2022 draws to a close we're so glad that so many people have been learning aerial with us, we hope the students have enjoyed it as much as we did!

In our last weeks we had a mini performance by our young intermediate silks students to their invited audience, they worked so hard on perfecting their routines- well done! More students than ever have move up to the next level class so we're trying to find more time for additional classes.

In other news we have a new booking system platform to allow more flexibility and ease for our students and parents- you will be able to book multiple classes in one transaction so no more blocks or single classes, Horay for everyone! As everyone is fighting the pinch we've also seen our costs at the studio go up, including our hall hire we've had to raise our class prices slightly to £12 for our Youth Classes and £18 for our adult classes this is still really low cost for aerial acrobatics classes, we hope you understand.

Lastly I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported our studio to the instructors, our studio assistants and to all of you who make the studio what it has become, have a happy holidays and look forward to everything next year.

All the best


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