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What should I wear?- 

Aerial activities are similar to dance, gymnastics or sports classes. It’s best to keep your skin covered, comfortable sports clothing such as Leggings, tracksuit trousers and a close-fitting, long sleeve top or t-shirt would be the best choice, not any clothing that is too bulky or loose fitting. Whilst we encourage students to express themselves and do not have a dress code- exposed shoulders, or shorts are a one way route to uncomfortable rubbing on ropes, silks etc. During classes you will need bare feet and to remove all jewellery.


What age and ability do you have to be to take part?

Everyone is different- it’s much more down to your different abilities or challenges rather than your age, the classes aim for students to feel both achievement and challenge in a class. Aerial arts is a total body workout that builds strength and flexibility but we don’t expect each student to have these already, that is what we build together!


Can I just turn up for a class or do I have to book? 

Booking online in advance of your class is the only way to secure your place in that class. We do not accept drop-ins to our classes.

We unfortunately cannot accept reservations for classes without payment.


Which level of class I should attend? 


Beginners : Never done it before- step right up!

We suggest most people attend a beginners class if they have never done the activity before. The teacher will be able to suggest to you when they think you should move to another class. We have students from all backgrounds and abilities so a beginners class will enable you to get to grips with the basics. Remember that progressing in aerial skills takes time, patience and perseverance but we understand that it’s something that we are here to practice together.


Improvers- Students need to be able to demonstrate a confident straddle and hip key from the ground, a footlock and 3 skills without prompts.


Intermediate- Previous experience of aerial arts required, If you already have practiced aerial skills contact us to see which classes would best suit your ability. Students will have to be able to demonstrate a straddle catchers and hip in the air and also be comfortable in footlock.


Practice sessions - -For students to practice moves they believe is within their skill level. All students practicing in these sessions must be able to prove that they are at an adequate level for that apparatus to do this we use a ‘sign off’ system by our instructors this means you will have to complete a series of moves (for a particular apparatus) with instructors supervision- only then do we allow students to train unsupervised.

How much does it cost? 

Our classes are separated into the categories of 

Single Classes:   Book these one at a time for the time slot in our Book Classes page

Multiple Classes: Multi class bookings can be done on the Book Classes page. Before you confirm your book, a box will ask if you'd like to schedule repeats. Term dates can be seen on the page with the number of classes displayed per term.

Practice sessions priced depending on the length of the session, we usually require at least 4 students to viably run a practice session (for safety reasons we can only accept students at an intermediate level or higher in which they can practice without a teacher- get in touch if you have already practiced aerial arts and think you might be suitable.

Our Kids (8-16 years) /Teen (13-17 years) classes classes typically run in courses (usually 5-6 weeks) we do our best to co-incide with school terms and take into account major public holidays.

We do have limited 'Work trade' spaces available, if you think you would be able to trade your time for a percentage off the cost of your aerial classes get in touch. Work trades can include admin or studio support, promotion or teachers assistance.


I'm nervous about heights.

Safety is our biggest priority. When first learning any new skill or trick, students are kept low to the ground and only climb higher as their confidence grows. Under each silk/trapeze point is at least one crash mat. If at any point a student feels nervous or unstable, our instructor or studio assistant is on hand to help safely guide them back to the solid ground and shake off the feeling.

I have a medical condition or injury, can I take part? 

If you have any medical conditions or injuries that may affect your participation please email us at beforehand and we can advise you.

Always consult your doctor before recommencing physical activity after surgery or injury.

Cancellation refund policies

All payments must be made before taking part in a session. Reschedules or refunds will not be given except in certain circumstances at our discretion. You may cancel your class yourself up to 1 day before the class takes place.

All class fees are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by us, in which case we will notify you at the earliest possible opportunity and refund you in full.  It is at our discretion that a postponement or refund will be offered where possible.

Can I sit in and watch?

For the comfort of our students, unless you are taking part in a class or special circumstances we request that you do not sit and watch classes.

What to do if I'm a learner that has educational or developmental/ specific needs?

We're happy to discuss any options/adjust or adapt our classes, we can only do this if we have access to the relevant information. Our teacher Abi has lots of experience in working with children and adults with learning challenges and we are an advocate of inclusion in our studio. Either get in touch via email before you book a class or fill in the section at the end of the Student waiver once a class is booked. We will keep all information confidential with only essential sharing for safeguarding reasons.


Do you have car parking?

There is very limited on-street parking outside and around the hall. The area mostly resident-only, around the corner is 2 hour street parking. See our Venue page for more info

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