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Our Story

After seas to navigate and deserts to cross - Studio 2 rose out of the darkness (cueing majestical music).


The studio is the building but it's the people that make it a community. Looking to build knowledge sharing empowering humans (the people cheered!).


Looking for others who would like to come have a go, maybe really like it, maybe really enjoy it so much that you can run away to perform in a circus show (like our director did).

Most of all to encourage and inspire the wonders of human abilities.


Our Director: Abi

Abi has loved leaping around from a young age, trained in classical dance and competing in swimming and running. Shortly after graduating with a Degree in Fine Arts (that’s another story) she discovered the world of circus, she joined her local group Cambridge Community Circus and took part in every opportunity to learn and explore the circus world. Abi began specialising in aerial acrobatics, hula hoop and dance. She was then spotted by Chaplin’s Circus and completed 3 tented circus tours in the UK. Alongside her performing she has developed international social circus projects for the UK charity Performers Without Borders leading volunteers on tours teaching vulnerable young persons in developing countries. Most recently training as a flying trapeze instructor over the summer seasons. Whilst now focused on teaching Abi is passionate about promoting the broader and more holistic effects of aerial and circus. Abi has worked with high end performers, people from around the world and with individuals who have profound learning and emotional challenges and cares deeply about engaging well with those who she meets. Abi's passion is to share smiles and the wonders of human abilities with the world.


Studio Assistant: Ariana

Ariana has had an on-again-off-again relationship with gymnastics from a young age through to university and a little while after graduation.  After a series of very silly falls, spills and injuries, it was time to hang up the leotards and store beam and floor routine ideas for another life. With a gaping hole in her in spirit and activities that couldn't be replaced with anything else, she tried the world of aerial circus arts and the rest is history! Well, not really since the aerial story only began in 2019 but you can be sure if there is a studio with silks to be climbed, you can find Ariana there!


Studio Assistant: Bríd

Bríd has loved twisting, tumbling and moving to music since she could walk and has trained and performed in artistic gymnastics, classical ballet, acrobatics, tumbling, trampolining and competitive cheerleading over the years. She taught gymnastics, cheer and dance for over 20 years alongside an academic career. She started aerial in late 2019 as a way to spend time upside down again and regain strength after having children. Bríd is excited to support the vision of making aerial arts available to the community.

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Studio Assistant: Rosie

Rosie is from Johannesburg, South Africa where she spent most of her childhood climbing trees. She tried multiple sports throughout the years but none of them felt right until she tried Aerial Silks in late 2014. Aerial very quickly became her passion and joy in life. In 2017, Rosie joined a teacher and performing artist training programme where she gained experience in a variety of different aerial apparatus’. As a professional artist, she has travelled internationally with The Cirk and has performed in some of the biggest shows in Africa. She began teaching in 2017 and loves to share all that she can and help people find the joy in aerial too.

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