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It is essential for a studio waiver to be completed before your class:


Take a look at our FAQ to know what to expect:


Finding us- you can Google search for ‘Studio 2 Oxford’



Studio Policies


Class Payment Policy

All payments must be made before taking part in a session,  you can book your class up to 5 mins before the class start time.


Warm Up and Latecomers Policy

Warms ups ensure that your body and mind are prepared for your activity, this helps to avoid injuries. If you do not arrive in time to warm up with us- we would ask you to carry out a brisk warm up, then join your session. 


Cancellation and Rescheduling policy

Please email us if you cannot come to one of your classes- we do worry if students don't turn up for their class! 

Reschedules or refunds within 24 hours of the class start time unfortunately cannot be given, If you decide to cancel a class before that-refunds will incur a £2 admin fee deduction from the total amount.

We suggest to secure your spot to book sessions in a row at the start of a term, aerial arts like most sports and hobbies see most progress though consistency. If you need to cancel multiple classes due to injury or long term illness, please get in touch.

If you would like to be the first to know about our next set of classes make sure to sign up to our newsletter.


Studio Rules

1. Follow instructors directions.

2. Use the appropriate mats for your activity and apparatus.

3. When participating in training sessions you must have been approved by the studio that you can practice without supervision to a safe standard.​

4. All accidents must be reported to your teacher immediately.

5. It’s in your best interests to inform instructors on any injuries or conditions you may have that may affect your abilities as they arise.

5. Circus is a non competitive, friendly and fun activity, it is everyones responsibility to uphold this- we can all do our best to be inclusive and ensure a collaborative atmosphere.​​

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